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St. Hyacinth, the glorious apostle of Poland and Russia, was born of noble parents in Poland, about the year 1185. Hyacinth manifested so much learning and piety from taking care of his uncle that he was sent to complete his studies at the best universities in Europe. Because of his spirit of prayer and his zeal for the salvation of souls, he was sent to preach and establish the Dominican order in his native land, Poland. The feast day of St. Hyacinth is celebrated on August 17th.

St. Hyacinthe History

The parish of St. Hyacinthe of La Salle was established by Msgr Alexandre Tace, Archbishop of St. Boniface and owes its origin to the priests of the Diocese and to Father Beaudry. In June of 1889 the St. Hyacinthe Seminary had a total of 840 acres west of La Salle. Father Beaudry celebrated the first mass in La Salle in late 1889.

On August 16th, 1890, Msgr Tache incorporated the new parish, naming it St. Hyacinthe de La Salle, naming Father Beaudry as its first priest. The parish consisted of 144 square miles and had a population of 62 souls. A permanent two-storey building 30x50 feet was built in 1890 with the main floor being the priest residence with classroom and second floor parish at a cost of $5,000.

A new parish (as it exists today) was built in 1915. Furniture ordered from the east "took a whole month" to arrive. The cost of this church was $30,000 and furnishings $4,000. Many parishioners and priests donated the statues and chandeliers that still remain in the church today.

The parished continued to grow, confimring 30 children in 1917. By 1927 the Convent of Sisters of the cross established themselves in La Salle and took care of the school and teaching. In 1949 a new rectory was built and in 1951 a new parish hall. Msgr Tache's dream of a little parish on the banks of the La Salle River became a reality that bloomed under the leadership of its devoted pastors and parishioners.

Looking in old archives, we found a magazine describing the furnishings. Click here for more details.

Religious Vocations Produced by the Parish

Msgr Hyacinthe Lapointe, Brother Jean-Paul Cormier, Sister Ste-Marthe, Sister Marie Pauline, Sister Cyprienne Bohemier, Sister Armelle Lagace, Sister Eva Cormier, Sister Rita Tellier, Sister Jeanne Cormier, Sister Rachel Schaubroeck, Sister Lorraine Savoie

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