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Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

We look forward to the day when we can once again resume Sunday Coffee Time after mass!

Latest News

  • Everyone is invited to the Nazari family farewell potluck dinner on Wednesday, July 10th at 6pm at the La Salle Fellowship church - our refugee family is moving to BC to be with their extended family.

  • Counters are urgently needed for counting the Sunday collections once a month. Please contact Rachel Cahill for more information.

  • Columbarium for St. Hyacinthe Cemetery: the parish will be going forward with this project. It will be a welcome addition to our parish cemetery. The cement base currently being prepared will support a 64-niche columbarium and benches. It is expected to be in place by this autumn. We are now accepting pre-sales. $2,900 introductory price per niche, for one or two urns. $3,000 per niche in 2025. Contact or Raymond Cormier for more information.

  • Call for Volunteers! We are looking for a few people to teach catechism next year, by teaching your own class or partnering up with someone to co-teach a class. Speak to Bernadette or Patricia (see the bulletin for more details).

  • Father Gabriel will be pleased to make himself available to you for confession, for a visit and bring Holy Communion to your residence, for the Anointing of the Sick or for a House Blessing. Make arrangements with him according to your needs.

  • Mass Intentions: to celebrate the memory of a deceased loved one, or for a special personal intention, or in thanksgiving for an anniversary or a prayer answered...there are different reasons to want to celebrate a Mass Intention with the church community. The parish is currently low on Mass Intentions. $10 suggested per Mass Intention. Contact the parish office today.

  • Welcome to New Parishioners - We Are Happy You Are Here! To register with the St. Hyacinthe Parish, please complete the yellow Registration Form found in the church entrance. Registering with the parish gives us contact information to send eBulletins, financial statements, and important notices. Should you require donation envelopes, see Rachel Cahill or Gayle Hansen to be assigned a number. Donation envelopes are for your income tax deductions and receipts issued for the tax year. Thank you for your cooperation and welcome!

  • Donations to the Parish: thank you to everyone for getting their donations in! Please do not forget your parish and your usual God's Share. Envelopes can be dropped off at the rectory or mailed in.

  • A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who keeps our parish up and running! For dropping off your Sunday donations, for book deliveries, for our Catechism program, for overseeing the church furnace repairs, for the music ministry and mass live-stream; we are all doing our part until one day soon we are able to worship and work together again! Please keep our parish in your prayers.

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