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Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

We look forward to the day when we can once again resume Sunday Coffee Time after mass!

Latest News

  • Meridian Advent Carol Service: Sunday, December 3rd at 7pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Starbuck. An evening of prayer, song and hope as we enter into the Advent season in preparation for the great celebration of Christmas.

  • Community Celebration of Reconciliation: a community celebration will be held on Wednesday, December 20th at 7pm. Three priests will be present. Confessions can also be individual meetings with your Pastor. Contact him to schedule an appointment.

  • You are invited to join an Advent Prayer Group - a time to share prayer intentions and reflection on the Sunday Gospel readings of the Advent Season. We will meet in the Parish rectory on four (4) Tuesdays - Nov 28th, Dec 5th, Dec 12th and Dec 19th. The gathering will start at 11:30am with prayer - a half hour 'bring your own lunch' and fellowship followed by reflection on the Sunday Gospel, ending at 1:30pm or so. Bring a bible or current Living with Christ and your lunch! Tea, coffee, cookies and fellowship guaranteed.

  • Click here for the 2023 Fall Drive.

  • Our parish needs a new Administrative Secretary: we are currently seeking someone to assume Gayle Hansen's office position in the New Year. If you or someone you know might be interested, please speak to Deb Pfrimmer, Gene Piasta or Father Gabriel.

  • Your commitment to your parish: we need the active participation of every parishioner in the life of our parish community. A Commitment Form (click here) has been prepared to help you consider what you can offer. Thank you for filling it out and returning it immediately.

  • Welcome to New Parishioners - We Are Happy You Are Here! To register with the St. Hyacinthe Parish, please complete the yellow Registration Form found in the church entrance. Registering with the parish gives us contact information to send eBulletins, financial statements, and important notices. Should you require donation envelopes, see Rachel Cahill or Gayle Hansen to be assigned a number. Donation envelopes are for your income tax deductions and receipts issued for the tax year. Thank you for your cooperation and welcome!

  • Donations to the Parish: thank you to everyone for getting their donations in! Please do not forget your parish and your usual God's Share. Envelopes can be dropped off at the rectory or mailed in.

  • A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who keeps our parish up and running! For dropping off your Sunday donations, for book deliveries, for our Catechism program, for overseeing the church furnace repairs, for the music ministry and mass live-stream; we are all doing our part until one day soon we are able to worship and work together again! Please keep our parish in your prayers.

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